What is the Criminal Court Work Program

The Indigenous Courtwork Program is co-funded by Justice Canada and Alberta Justice. The program aim is to support Indigenous persons in navigating the criminal justice system; increase awareness and access to available legal, social, and community resources; and increase information about rights, responsibilities, and options under the law within the criminal justice system.

The Indigenous Criminal Courtwoker will:

  • Assist Indigenous persons appearing in criminal court to understand their charges, rights and responsibilities, the court process, and outcomes of the court procedures
  • Provide referrals to legal resources or any other resource that will assist in addressing the person’s needs
  • Assist with completing the required forms, court documents, or applications for community-based services or programs, as required.
  • Respond to the problems and special needs caused by communication barriers that exist between Indigenous people and those who are involved in the administration of the criminal justice system.

The Indigenous Criminal Courtworkers do not provide:

  • Alcohol and drug counselling
  • Work normally done by a probation officer or a corrections officer or the staff of the Legal Aid Alberta
  • Family counselling
  • Services related to civil and family matters
  • Legal advice or any activities that are the exclusive role of a practising lawyer