The Indigenous Bail Courtworker (IBCW) helps Indigenous (Status, Non-Status, Inuit, and Metis) accused in custody at the Edmonton Remand Centre to obtain
fair, just, equitable, and culturally relevant support. The IBCW assists in the preparation and presentation of Gladue Principled Judicial Interim Release reports
for those who are Indigenous and remanded. The primary purpose of the IBCW is for:
  • Indigenous self-represented litigant where bail has not been spoken to;
  • Bail that has been deferred by the court to allow for a plan to be developed; or
  • Represented by legal counsel and whose circumstances have changed significantly to warrant a review of bail; or
  • Is at or nearing the 90 automatic bail review date;
  • And priority will be given to individuals whose bail matter is being heard in rural or circuit court locations

Service Delivery ProcessThe IBCW will triage the accused by gathering information about the individual and their circumstances. This connection enables them to obtain more information from the individual in a timely manner and provide important insights on their background pertaining to the decision making process. The triageinterview will:
  • Identify the individual needs pertaining to a possible bail application
  • Identify Gladue factors in developing a bail plan
  • Assist the individual to identify community supports, community-based programs, and family or other significant supports that will assist in addressing their needs
  • Receive consent from the individual to proceed with sharing information with stakeholders, locating resources, and developing the plan
  • Request assistance from community-based justice service providers (Indigenous Courtworkers, Addictions Counsellors, Housing Workers, etc) to confirm community supports and availability of client related services
  • Complete a written Gladue Principled Judicial Interim Release report (bail report) and provide the report to the Courts, legal counsel, and/or Indigenous Courtworker

Referral Process
Referral may be sent from the following:
  • Self – referred Indigenous accused remanded to the Edmonton Remand Centre – utilizing the internal communication methods
The following must complete a Bail Referral form and submit via email to
  • The accused’s Legal Counsel
  • Legal Aid Alberta Duty Counsel
  • A presiding Judge that determines an Indigenous accused requires assistance in developing a bail application

For more information regarding YTCCS Edmonton Remand Centre Indigenous Bail Courtwork Program, please contact: Phone: 780-483-9404Email: