The Kind Heart Program is delivered through Yellowhead Tribal Community Corrections Society (YTCCS).

The Kind Heart Program provides preventive and culturally appropriate recommendations on behalf of

the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and Alexander First Nation community members with complex needs who

are in conflict with the law.

The Kind Heart Program aims to improve access to eligible services, increase effective engagement with

community- based services, and improve outcomes to reduce the length of involvement with the justice

system. This is completed by the dual role of the Mentor/Community Liaison


Mentorship Program

Mentors use a “hand-in-hand” support services when working with persons with complex needs to address:

    • basic needs
    • access for medical and legal services
    • justice conditions
    • recommendations from FASD clinic assessments
    • parenting and pregnancy issues
    • positive productive activities

Supports that are extended to caregivers include:

    • Respite
    • Providing resources to gain a
      deeper understanding of
      individuals with complex needs
    • Cultural Supports

Community Liaison

Kind Heart Community Liaison is responsible for community engagement and information services.

Some examples include community information sessions, sharing culturally relevant resources, and

promoting two-way communication for individuals with complex needs and community resources.


The Kind Heart Program is voluntary, meaning the individual must consent to receiving supports.

The following is also required to receive supports and services:

    • Must be a member or reside on Alexander First Nation/Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation
    • Confirmed diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) OR Suspected
     (potential to have maternal confirmation) 
    • Involved with the justice system

All referrals can be directed to the Mentor/Community Liaison of the respective community.